Recipes and Memories

As I was cleaning/sorting/organizing, I ran across some recipe cards from my mom and grandma. Both of these wonderful women have moved on from this world, and I miss them greatly. Every time I pull out those recipes, I am filled with memories, not just of cooking but of a childhood built around two strong, female role-models that shaped the person that I am today.

My next project is straight-forward and simple, yet daunting, nonetheless. I want to recreate those recipes to share with others so that they don’t die.

Here is the short list:

  • Lemon Poppy-seed bread
  • Dill Gravy
  • Oyster Stew
  • Runza Casserole
  • Pumpernickel (anise) cookies
  • Krumflecky (sp?)
  • Potato Dumplings
  • Chocolate Balls

Looking forward to this project! I’ll be posting links as I complete each recipes. Stay tuned…