2-minute Leg Warmers

2-Minute DIY Legwarmers

So, recently my 6-year old daughter has decided that she won’t wear pants. This usually isn’t a problem in South Texas, but lately it has been pretty chilly. While many of you may be thinking, “be a parent, and MAKE her put some pants on”, I will assure you that it isn’t that easy. She is overly sensitive to many seams and fabrics that the rest of us don’t notice. Rather than put her through the stress of MAKING her put on something that will only result in a full-blown meltdown, I have tried to come up with creative solutions. I think I’ve found a way around pants, for the most part:


Brilliant, right? Well, that depends who you ask, but for our purposes, I think legwarmers will do just fine. However, I am not going to pay crazy amounts of money for them. So, I searched around for an alternative and VOILA! here it is. The easiest, DIY legwarmers in 2 minutes…EVER.

 2-Minute DIY Legwarmers

All you need is an old sweater. Find something cute at Goodwill that looks like it is small enough to stay snug on little legs. Take a sharp pair of fabric scissors and chop the arms right off at the armpits. Fold the cut ends down a couple times. Done and Done.

Little legs stay warm. Nobody has any meltdowns. Mom doesn’t get crazy looks from complete strangers wondering why she didn’t dress her child for the weather. Everybody wins!