DIY Teacher Lanyards

DIY Lanyards for Teachers!

DIY Teacher Lanyards

Most teachers (and many other professionals) are required to wear some type of identification during the day. While this is most definitely a good thing, the lanyards that are available are usually not very cute. So, I decided to make my own this year. Mind you, I have been thinking about making one since last year when a crafty teacher friend of mine came to school with her own hand-crafted, ADORABLE lanyard to hang her ID badge and keys, but it seemed complicated and I just didn’t “get around to it” (story of my life).

This year, I decided I decided to make them before the year started (brilliant, I know). They turned out to be so easy that I made one for each of the kid’s teacher for them to take as a gift on the first day of school, as well as a couple for myself!

DIY Lanyard Beginning Steps

I started with a 4-inch wide piece of fabric. My fabric was 42-inch long, it all depends how long you want your lanyard to be when it’s finished. For this one, I ended up sewing two pieces of denim together. After I had the fabric peiced together, I folded it in half and ironed a crease down the middle just to mark it. Then I opened it back up and folded each edge to the crease. I pressed each side to create two more creases (see picture above).

DIY Lanyard Folding and Sewing

Without unfolding the fabric this time, I folded it in half again. Then, I pinned the edges together and sewed around all of them. Now I just need to add the ring, and I’m done!

DIY Lanyard Assembly

I put the lanyard around my neck to make sure I had the right length, and that it was laying the right way. Slide on the clip, or D-ring. In this picture, you can see that I slid both ends through the loop, but it is a lot easier to offset the ends by about 2-inches so that you only slide one end through the loop, fold it under and sew it. It makes for much easier (and less bulky) sewing. I sewed a small box to secure the ring at the end of the lanyard and…

…that’s all there is to it!


First Day of School!

Tomorrow is a big day of firsts: my first day at a new school, my son’s first day of Kindergarten, my daughter’s first day of 1st grade, and our first year of being together at school. I am so excited for this new adventure. In fact, I have been so busy preparing to start school tomorrow that I almost forgot to slow down and soak in the fact that this is MY SON’S FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN!! It’s funny because I just kind of take the kids with me everywhere, including up to school. It just seems natural that my son, in particular is coming with me on the first day of school, but tonight it all kind of hit me. As we were packing up the lunches, making sure our clothes were laid out and going over our morning routine, I realized just how excited he is to finally be going to school. I know that he is going to love it. He even got a call from his Kindergarten teacher tonight! (Wasn’t that sweet of her to call and check in on all of her Kinders?) I made her a lanyard for Noah to give her as a little thank-you for already being an amazing teacher!

DIY Lanyard

As we were getting things ready tonight, my son said, “Mom, every time I see you in the hallway tomorrow, I’m going to run over and give you a big hug!” Foreseeing the potential Kindergarten chaos that could ensue, I reminded him that he would need to follow his teachers directions, so he might not be able to run over and give me a hug every time he saw me. I said that maybe he could just wave at me instead, and he seemed ok with that. So tonight, as I was tucking him into bed, he grabbed my neck in a big bear hug and whispered into my ear, “Mom, I know I can’t give you a hug every time I see you at school, so I’m going to give you a really big hug now!” My heart melted. He knows how important my job is for our family, and he knows how important it is for him to follow directions at school. He has so much figured out already. I can’t wait to see what else he can teach me this year…