We made it through the first week!

Back to School

A quick post on my thoughts and observations after the first week of school.

  • Moving to a new state is a lot different that moving to a new school (as far as teaching goes!)
  • Day 3 was worse than Day 1 (I think it finally hit them that getting up early wasn’t going away)
  • Uniforms should theoretically make the mornings go faster, but they don’t. At least not yet.
  • My type A daughter was upset that her teacher hadn’t sent any homework home yet.
  • My type B son has already lost his lunch bag.
  • I definitely found a good fit in my school, however…
  • I have realized (if I hadn’t fully realized it before) the importance of organization and clear procedures when it comes to Special Education.
  • My kids are polar opposites in school. My daughter’s teacher asks me for suggestions as to how she can get her to stop working when it’s time for the class to move to the next thing, and my son’s teacher tells me that he just doesn’t seem very motivated to do much in class and he gets distracted easily. (I have my own theories on these occurrences, but I will save them for later)
  • Blogging on a regular basis is going to become increasingly difficult, but necessary for sanity.

Over all it was a good week. It is always good to finally be back with students. Stayed tuned for more updates throughout the year!