A little about me

The story behind the moniker… I am a mom/Special Education teacher/late bloomer turned crafter/coffee connoisseur/overprotective parent/aspiring-to-be-able-to cook whose life has gone in every direction but the one I envisioned. I love having a thousand irons in the proverbial fire. Like any respectable introvert, I enjoy the silence and spend alot of my time dreaming of my next big project. I love reading other people’s success stories, so I decided…why not write my own? I’m working on finding balance in my life, keeping my sanity while raising two small children, trying new things, breaking out of my shell and seeing myself like others see me. It’s a long road, but I love the process and am learning to embrace the “happy accidents” along the way.


2 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Sweet blog! I’m a self described introvert as well…who is a social worker, go figure! …I look forward to reading more!

  2. Awesome, it’s always great to find other people who have similar behaviors and likes as you! I am also an introvert, I work as a healthcare trainer, isn’t that crazy? But with a little research, I found that I am the type of introvert that can morph into an extrovert when the need arises. I am now following you and am excited to read what happy accidents you knock down along the way.

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