Year in Review 2014 (or “The Closest Thing to a Christmas Card You Are Going to Get”)

We have a lot to be thankful for this year! We had an exciting year filled with visits and visitors, friends and family, and many milestones. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Four Seasons Coffee 2014

Grandpa came to visit us over Spring Break. We had a great time playing tourists in and around San Antonio. The kids loved having Grandpa around. We took him to the Riverwalk, the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, the Enchanted Rock in Fredricksburg, Tower of the Americas, Big Lou’s, the Botanical Gardens, and the San Antonio Museum of Art. Phew! I wonder what we will do this year?

Spring Break with Grandpa 2014

We also had some other visitors. Uncle Shea came in October and hung out for a couple days. The kids enjoyed having someone new to play LEGOs with, and I enjoyed having someone to take out for coffee! We were also able to host G’s parents for a couple months, and his cousin will be with us for 6 months! We are so lucky to be able to host our family and friends. Let us know if you are heading to South Texas, we love visitors!


Our big trip this year was a summer in Brazil. We did so many things that it is hard to summarize in a few photos, but I’ll try. The kids and I went over early since we are a little more flexible in the summer. We were lucky enough to be there during the World Cup, and although we didn’t attend any of the games at the stadiums we were glued to the TV during matches. It was a house divided for awhile there!

The main event of our visit was G’s sister’s wedding. The kids got to be in the wedding and they did a great job! I was lucky enough to snap a shot of G’s dad walking my daughter down the aisle in the same church where G and I were married. (Maybe someday we will be able to post a side-by-side shot?) N. also turned six while we were over there, so of course we had a birthday party of Brazilian proportions.

When G finally joined us, we were able to steal away for a few days to the amazing city of Brasilia. We both decided that if we were ever to move to Brazil, Brasilia would be the place. It was so beautiful and well-organized!

Trip to Brazil 2014

This sweet girl started 2nd grade this year, and just turned 8 years old. She hasn’t found a lego set that she can’t build, and she loves anything related to art. She always has a pencil and paper in her hands, and she can sit and draw for hours. Her creativity amazes me! She is really turning into an amazing young lady.


This charming boy started 1st grade this year which he loves even though they “don’t start multiplication until 3rd grade”! He is 6 going on 16. A total ham as you can see in the pictures, but with a giant heart. He is my sensitive thinker. He is always trying to figure out a better way, and there isn’t a directive than isn’t followed up with a “but…”. We stay busy trying to keep one step ahead of him. He thinks outside the box, but I love it.


As for G and I, we are both embarking on new adventures. G just took a new position at a different hospital in San Antonio. He is learning new things everyday! My new adventure begins after the break. I will continue teaching, but am going back to working with students with Autism at a residential treatment center. I am more than excited to begin this challenge!

I hope that you enjoyed a peek at our year as much as I enjoyed looking back as I put it together. We wish all of our family and friends a very Happy Holiday and blessed year to come! Thank you for being a part of our lives.


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