Things I miss while I am traveling

Yesterday I posted about the things that I love about Brazil. Things I can only experience while I am traveling. Of course there are also some things that I miss about home…


  •  Clean, public restrooms. I know it sounds silly, but when traveling with two young kids it is nice to be able to find a bathroom at a moments notice. As much as I plan ahead…”try anyway, even if you don’t have to go”… they inevitably wait until the last minute before frantically announcing that they need to go RIGHT NOW!! Yesterday I got to see a little too much while trying to supervise my youngest in the men’s room. Embarrassed, I used my broken Portuguese to ask one of the other young men to keep an eye on him for me as I averted my eyes (and probably turned six shades of pink!)

  • Dryers. This is something I think I would miss if I lived here because who has time to hang dry and iron all of their clothes?? However, I am finding that the process of doing laundry while I am here on vacation with nothing better to do is kind of therapeutic.

drying clothes outside2

  • 3G Internet connection. Thank you Verizon for not including Brazil in the countries that you support internationally. Did you know that Verizon iPhone’s don’t support SIM cards? Maybe it’s a good thing not to be connected 24-7…

  • Driving. I’m used to being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. I probably could drive here if I really wanted to, but without knowing the unstated rules of the road I think I am better off waiting for someone to drive me around.

driving in brazilDon’t get me wrong. These are minor inconveniences, and I actually had a hard time thinking of very many things that I really missed because there are so many other things here to replace them. There is never a shortage of delicious food, smiling faces and a sense of togetherness that I will definitely miss when I head back to the United States.

I’d love to know what everyone else misses when they are traveling, whether it’s for a weekend, a month, or an extended stay!

Share your thoughts here!

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