Walking around Brazil


In 2012, we spent Christmas and New Year’s in Poxoréu, Brazil. I was in love with the bright colors, especially being from the land of greens and browns. I also loved the lack of commercial organization. Any structure that existed was purely out of necessity. There was overall disregard for photogenic beauty which allowed the natural beauty of the environment to come to the surface.

Walking around Poxoreu Collage

The pace of the city was slow. There seemed to be plenty of time for people-watching. There was also this interesting sign painted on the street next to the river that said “VOTE LIMPO” which means “VOTE CLEAN”. My cousins explained that was an election taking place and this was part of the campaign. Seemed a little permanent for campaign propaganda!

Walking around Poxoreu Collage 2

This recycling center seems thoroughly out of place, especially it seems to cower behind the heap of bricks and discarded cardboard box in front of it. Skeletons of abandoned buildings and scenes of disrepair were around every corner, but so were perfectly manicured store-fronts and residences. They existed in perfect juxtaposition of each other.

Walking around Poxoreu Collage 3

So many fascinating spaces. I love the hot dog stand and the street artist. Motorcycles and scooters were more common than cars.

Walking around Poxoreu Collage 4

The best part of Brazil is, was and always will be the wonderful people who live there!

The best part of Brazil


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