Remembering Brazil

A year ago we were spending our Christmas/New Year’s Eve with our family in Brazil. It was a life-changing trip in more ways that one. I wanted to share some of the beautiful experiences that we had while we were there.

One of the most memorable experiences of the entire trip was handing out soccer balls and soccer shorts to kids around Poxoréu on Christmas Day. My husband’s grandfather used to pass out toys to the kids around town, many of them hand-crafted wooden toys that he had made himself. Most of the kids told us that our gift was the only present they had received. I’m not sure my own kids fully appreciated the experience, but it is a tradition that I hope we can continue as we are able.

Handing out gifts in Brazil

There was one boy that caught my attention as we were distributing gifts. He had amazing energy that clearly comes across in this photo that I took of him. I’m always curious about where people acquire their inner “spirit” and how they maintain it through difficult circumstances. I would like to know this boy in 10 years.

Boy looking into the camera

I was also taken by the spirit of these three boys who all told us that our gift was the only one that they had received this year. I learned what it means to be grateful, and what it feels like to do something really good for someone else.

Three amigos

I accomplished something more personal on our trip, also. There is a natural land form outside of Poxoréu known as “Morro de Mesa”. It was a personal accomplishment for me to make it to the top because the climb was steep and I’m not fond of heights. There were several points along the way that I wanted to quit, but my husband pushed me to keep going. It was important for both of us to make it to the top together.

Morro de Mesa Collage

Climbing Morro de Mesa

Click here to see the pictures I took while walking around the small town of Poxoréu in Brazil.


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