Adorable Applique T-shirt for Young Girl

Applique T-shirt TutorialI can’t claim this one, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to do applique so when my mother-in-law decided to make this adorable shirt for my daughter, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures along the way! I think I captured most of the steps in pretty good detail, except for the stitches (but I included some links below).

Prepping the pattern

  1. Trace your pattern onto iron-on transfer paper. Cut out each piece, leaving about a 1/8-inch border around the entire edge. (This ensures that when you iron it onto the fabric, you will have good adhesion around each edge when you cut it out.)
  2. Cut out each piece and iron it onto your fabric.
  3. Cut out each piece of fabric along the actual pattern line.
  4. Peel the backside of the transfer paper off to revel so that it is ready to be ironed onto your shirt. Now you are ready to arrange the pieces on your shirt before ironing them down permanently!

Iron. Cut. Peel. Arrange.

Arranging the Pieces on the Shirt

There is a specific order that you need to arrange the pieces so that they end up in the right order at the end. You have to think in layers, kind of like Photoshop. I wish there was a “send to back” and “bring to front” button here, but once you iron, you are stuck so make sure you take your time with this step! Check twice. Iron once.

Little Girl Assembly

Here is  a bigger picture of the whole thing after it was ironed on to the shirt. You see that there are some raw edges, but you can cover those up when you embroidery or embellish in the next step.

Little Girl Assembled on tshirt

Finished Product

The t-shirt turned out to be so cute! A blanket stitch was used around most of the pattern, and a chain stitch was used to make the lease, collar, and umbrella handle. The sleeves and dress were embellished with a little ruffle of lace that really make the dress stand out, don’t you think?  The cherry on top was the little dog that wanders around to the back of the shirt. My daughter really loved wearing this one! Thanks grandma!

Finished Applique T-shirt


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