DIY Lanyards for Teachers!

DIY Teacher Lanyards

Most teachers (and many other professionals) are required to wear some type of identification during the day. While this is most definitely a good thing, the lanyards that are available are usually not very cute. So, I decided to make my own this year. Mind you, I have been thinking about making one since last year when a crafty teacher friend of mine came to school with her own hand-crafted, ADORABLE lanyard to hang her ID badge and keys, but it seemed complicated and I just didn’t “get around to it” (story of my life).

This year, I decided I decided to make them before the year started (brilliant, I know). They turned out to be so easy that I made one for each of the kid’s teacher for them to take as a gift on the first day of school, as well as a couple for myself!

DIY Lanyard Beginning Steps

I started with a 4-inch wide piece of fabric. My fabric was 42-inch long, it all depends how long you want your lanyard to be when it’s finished. For this one, I ended up sewing two pieces of denim together. After I had the fabric peiced together, I folded it in half and ironed a crease down the middle just to mark it. Then I opened it back up and folded each edge to the crease. I pressed each side to create two more creases (see picture above).

DIY Lanyard Folding and Sewing

Without unfolding the fabric this time, I folded it in half again. Then, I pinned the edges together and sewed around all of them. Now I just need to add the ring, and I’m done!

DIY Lanyard Assembly

I put the lanyard around my neck to make sure I had the right length, and that it was laying the right way. Slide on the clip, or D-ring. In this picture, you can see that I slid both ends through the loop, but it is a lot easier to offset the ends by about 2-inches so that you only slide one end through the loop, fold it under and sew it. It makes for much easier (and less bulky) sewing. I sewed a small box to secure the ring at the end of the lanyard and…

…that’s all there is to it!


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