The Excitement of Learning

What first drew me to this blog post by Adventures of a Really Cool Dad were my concerns about my own children’s education. They have very different needs when it comes to school, but in the end my hope for both of them is exactly what the author writes about in his post: that they love learning and don’t get bogged down with test and procedures and memorization.

I am lucky to have (and have had) teachers around me that are inspired and inspire kids, but it’s definitely an uphill battle. Keeping kids excited about learning is relentless because kids are always testing you. If you slack off one day, they run with it. If you don’t come in character, lines prepared, they are ready to throw you off the stage. That kind of student engagement is hard to maintain, but it’s worth every bit of payoff.


2 thoughts on “The Excitement of Learning

  1. I am always inspired by people who can keep kids enthusiastic about learning. Not necessarily turning every moment into a ‘teachable moment’, but always encouraging (and giving time for) their natural curiosity, or showing a real-world example of a recent learning in action. As you say, it’s not always easy, but the payoff is worth it. Thanks for sharing my post.

    • I actually shared it on Twitter a couple weeks back and my principal re-tweeted. He just brought it up again in a staff meeting and asked us to send him a private response. I didn’t share that response here, but I wanted to relate it more to my own children. it was a great post!

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