Toffee!! Toffee!! Everywhere!

Enlish Toffee

In our house we share most of the responsibilities, especially cooking. I have my specialties and so does my husband, but some of them are not what you’d expect. He handles most of the meat prep, but he also makes some mean toffee. Yes. Toffee. I don’t know exactly how he got started. A combination of curiosity and YouTube, I think. Anyway, about a year ago he started making toffee, and it was delicious! He takes it to work, and they always ask if I made it. We were whipping up a batch to donate to the church festival in a couple weeks, so I thought I would share some pictures. If it makes your mouth water and you want to know where you can get your hands on some of this decadent toffee, drop me a line in the comment section and I might send you a sample.




One thought on “Toffee!! Toffee!! Everywhere!

  1. Hey Kelly, I love toffee! It’s the thing that I most look forward to around the holidays. I’ve never made it because it seems so sticky. I’m afraid I’d never get it off the cookie sheet. Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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