Keeping your kid’s eyes healthy with Visionworks!


Recently, I was fortunate enough to join other mom bloggers from San Antonio for an event at Visionworks. It was a great time, and I learned a lot about kid’s eye health. I was particularly interested because the Kindergartener-to-be had his eye screening along with his school check-up, and they were slightly concerned about his vision. He had a little trouble with some of the smaller pictures. I was on the fence about taking his to have an actual eye-exam, but now I will definitely be setting up an appointment!

Our night started out with some delicious empanadas, fresh guac and chips, and some meat skewers, along with strawberry daquiri’s and pina coladas. (Don’t worry, they were “virgin”. Moms have to be safe drivers, y’all!) After some gettting-to-know-you conversation with the other bloggers, we settled in for a little info session from Dr. Florian Safner, VP of Professional Services.

As  a teacher, I have seen what a devastating effect poor vision can have on a student’s learning and focus in school. What I didn’t know was that school exams can miss up to 70% of problems! According to Dr. Safner, all kids should be screened by an optometrist around the age of four or five years old and then every year after that until age nineteen. VisionWorks offers child-friendly screening with highly qualified optometrist and opticians. For low-income families, Prevent Blindness Texas offers resources for locating sites that provide low-cost and no-cost vision screening. Early intervention can actually correct vision problems in young children.

The crazy thing is that most children don’t realize if their vision is different from normal because they have always seen the world that way. Luckily, there are some symptoms that we, as parents and teachers, can look for that may indicate that a child is having trouble seeing correctly:

  • squinting
  • complaining of frequent headaches
  • bumping into things
  • hyperactivity (yes, some children diagnosed with ADHD actually just have poor vision!)
  • unexplained academic problems
  • clumsiness in sports

If your child does have a problems, the optometrist will recommend a course of treatment that may include new glasses. Children should always be fitted with polycarbonate lenses because they won’t shatter or break! VisionWorks has over 400 different styles for kids, and they are seriously adorable. Remember, when glasses weren’t cool? Yeah….me either.

Visionworks kid's frames

San Antonio has


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