Coming Soon: Spy Kids Academy

Spy Academy

I had the awesome opportunity to take the kids to the San Antonio Children’s Museum to be part of a prototyping event for a new exhibit that will open along with the new children’t museum in 2015. I hadn’t really considered how these big exhibits come together before now. We arrived find several mock-ups of potential games and activities that would be included in the museum’s Spy Academy. The interactive exhibit is aimed at kids age 6-10, so my two were at the bottom end of the age range. Nevertheless, they had a fabulous time “being spies”, wearing disguises, and solving secret codes. At the end, they even got to make their own official Secret Agent badge! We were accompanied by a museum employee that took notes while my kids interacted with several of the games, then asked me follow up questions about the experience. I think it’s fantastic that they are trying to attract older kids and design an exhibit with multiple layers that will encourage kids (and parents) to want to return to the museum. As a teacher, I was particularly excited by the integration of math and literacy skills into each activity. The new children’t museum will be join a collection of museums and attractions located near Broadway, including the San Antonio Museum of Art, the San Antonio Zoo, the San Antonio Botanical Garden and the Witte Museum.


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