Building Literacy with Beachballs!

Sight word beach ball.jpg

We have spent many hours this summer at the pool in our apartment complex. We also had several of these beach balls laying around from my son’s birthday party (which took a different direction). So, the other day I filled in several of them with activities and sight words for a fun alternative to our usual daily practice! We only brought the sight word beach ball with us on this day. We played a couple different games with this ball, and the best part was the kids didn’t even complain about “doing work” because they were having a blast!

Read the sight word: Simply catch the ball and read whatever word that is facing you. Great quick review for those base words we have been working on lately.

Name a word in the word family:  Catch the ball and read the sight word, then name another word that would be in that word family.

Use it in a sentence: Catch the ball, read the word, and use it in a sentence. We also use our word family words in sentences!

One ball, so many possibilities! The next day the kids actually asked to bring the beachball with us to the pool, so that we could play again. Success!


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