The Power of Positive People


If I am going to spend all of my energy being social, I want it to be a good investment. Surrounding myself with positive people is a great investment because at the end of day instead of feeling drained and exhausted, I feel recharged and energized.

I just had some friends drive down from Nebraska to San Antonio to visit. I had a great time over the two days they were here.  I’m kind of (totally) an introvert, so I don’t mind being by myself. Actually, I love it, so I don’t seek out people.  Large events and groups of people make me nervous, and I would rather stay home then go out most days. The truth is being around people can be exhausting for me (for introverts in general, I think), so I choose the people that I surround myself with carefully.


After heading to the Indian Palace for some amazing indian cuisine, we headed down to the Alamo and then took the boat tour around the Riverwalk. It ended up being “just the girls” because Bugaboo passed out with Daddy before we left. I think we all needed a girl’s night!

Enchanted Rock Collage

On day two, we drove to Fredricksberg to climb Enchanted Rock. JM took a step towards conquering her fear of heights by climbing onto a perilous perch for a photo op. My daughter (the budding introvert herself) found a lovely crater to sink into on the way up to the top. The climb to the top of the rock is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. It was my second climb to the top.

KP said something along the lines of, “the best part about climbing is that no matter how many times you climb the same hill, you never take the same path twice”.

I think that it is a great metaphor for making your way through life. Thanks for a great vacation ladies!


3 thoughts on “The Power of Positive People

  1. I’ve always been an extrovert but it seems, the older I get, I’m becoming more introverted (love being at home and it’s harder for me to go out). Great post!

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