Father’s Day Cards (better late than never!)

Father's Day 2013IMG_2798

This year I decided to make our own cards for Father’s Day after briefly looking through the aisles and deciding that I didn’t want to spend $6/card. I knew that I could make more meaningful cards myself anyway. I even added a spot where they could draw their own picture of themselves and their dad inside!

Isabel had come home from pre-K a couple years ago with a “Things I love about my mom” poem, so I looked around for some examples to put together a fun little fill-in-the-blank on the inside.


The hardest thing to figure out was the formatting so I included a link here to help you figure it out. I used 80 lb. card stock and used the default double-sided printing setting.

Needless to say the cards were a hit, and we will enjoy pulling them out for laughs them a couple years from now! Plus, I can use this template for all of my cards in the future.


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