Oh, crêpe!

Disclaimer: While this blog post is about my adventures in cooking, it is by no means a cooking blog intended to wow you with new and fabulous recipes. I have included links to the recipes that I used below. Why reinvent the wheel?

I woke up with a craving for crêpes. It’s not like I eat crêpes often or anything. Not sure where it came from, but here’s a little insight into the way I cook.

  1.  I crave something.
  2.  I look in the cupboards and fridge to see if I have any of the main ingredients.
  3. I scour the internet to see if I can substitute one of my existing ingredients for the something that I don’t have!

I rarely plan for meals, and who wants to go through the headache of getting two small children dressed, shoes tied (I abhor velcro) and buckled into the car just to go the grocery store for some cream cheese or heavy whipping cream.  I know I should plan ahead. Trust me I’ve tried, but it never lasts very long. I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, keep-things-interesting kind of cook. (AKA scrambling-at-the-last-minute, swearing-under-my-breath, wishing-I-had-just-gone-to-the-store-instead-of-reading-more-blogs kind of cook) Anyhoo… this morning I am making crepes.

I started by making the crêpe batter because it needed to ‘rest’ (which is a fancy way of saying sit on the counter) for 20 minutes or so before cooking it. I mixed up the batter as directed…almost. I didn’t melt the butter completely, and as a result ended up with little butter chunks in my batter. I wasn’t going to throw the whole thing out just because of that, so I just set it aside and hoped for the best. Next time, I’ll follow the directions more closely, I tell myself. (It didn’t actually end up affecting the crêpes, so no harm done.)

Ingrediants for fillingNext, I mixed up the filling. I found a recipe that used Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese (see above statement about going to the store for one ingredient). I mixed about 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla into 1 single serving cup of plain Greek yogurt. At first the brown sugar left the yogurt with a gritty texture. Five minutes on the counter and a couple quick stirs brought it back to a smooth, creamy filling I was expecting. My counter is amazing!

Strawberries ready to cookAfter I had the batter and filling done, I set them aside and started on the strawberry sauce. I used about a pint and a half of strawberries. I rinsed them and quartered them before putting them in the saucepan with about 3 tablespoons of white sugar and a splash of vanilla. The water in the strawberries is enough to create the sauce so you don’t need to add any extra. I cooked them over medium heat, stirring them frequently. At the end of 5 minutes I had a good sauce. I set them off to the side to let them cool a little before sticking them in my blender.

Cooked strawberriesIf you like to to see chunks of fruit in your sauce, save some of the strawberries back in a bowl before sticking the rest in the blender. I don’t really like chunks, so I threw all of them in there. It only took a couple pulses to turn the cooked strawberries into a puree.  (Helpful Hint: I use a hot pad to hold the lid on so I don’t burn my hand or end up with puree strawberries all over the kitchen. From previous experience, I can tell you that can really put a damper on breakfast.)

Now I am ready to start cooking the crêpes. The most important thing according to people who actually know how to cook crêpes is to make sure that the pan is the right temperature. I will add that the pan also needs to be big enough to get the crêpes out. I started with a small pan that was too small and ended up with a mangled mess of crêpe (hee hee) after trying unsuccessfully to get my giant spatula to slide underneath the flimsy, paper-thin pancake. The second most important thing to remember is to grease the pan before each crêpe with a small amount of butter to keep them from sticking.

Overall, I think breakfast went really well. From start to finish, I probably spent about 40 minutes in the kitchen which isn’t too bad. The crêpes were a hit with the kids, especially when I topped them off with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and they were sort of healthy. I will definitely make these again!

Strawberry Crepes


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