Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Letter Y This week I we went to the park, and searched for letters. Getting my son to focus on active learning can be painful. He just isn’t convinced that what we have going here at home is actually “school”, so I have to trick him into it. So, as we were walking along the trail I challenged him to find as many letters as he could hidden in the branches, rocks, and plants along our way. He had a blast searching for letters, although some were easier to find than others (there were an abundance of O’s and Y’s!) Once he found them, I would ask him what sound the letter made, and get do some word association. A lot more engaging than flashcards! Here are some of the ones we found.

Letter O   Letter X   Letter H   Letter O

Letter O   Letter Y   Letter V   Letter Y   Letter S   Letter H  Letter S   Letter E   



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